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Campus Javi Martínez 2019, octava ediciónI‘ve always been true to my origins, to the society that has seen me grow, to the pride I feel for my land and to my people especially. In this Campus, it is joined the illusion for football with the values that have made me grow personally and professionally. In order to share my professional successes and educate younger from my passion, I hope to see you on my campus”. Javi Martínez.

Since 2012 the Campus Ayegui Football Javi Martinez is celebrated. This is an initiative whose main objective is to bring the values of sport to the smallest and contribute to their personal and athletic training in a group setting. In addition, the campus is a great opportunity to expand the supply of child and youth entertainment in the area, and to promote tourism in the region. Also on the campus it is taught language classes, in a further step towards the formation of the participants.

The technical management of the Campus Javi Martinez that is in charge is a team of trained and experienced professionals, specialized in teaching in football clubs nationwide. The training methods are those used in the major football schools based in Europe. In both editions made -2012 and 2013- the kids had the opportunity to meet Javi Martinez, who after returning from Poland-Ukraine Euro 2012 and Brazil Confederations Cup 2013 personally led one of the sessions.

The dynamics of physical labor and technical training focused on double sessions: specific training in the morning and one in the afternoon, it varies depending on the age of the children: the smaller childs work more technical work, domain and ball control, while the older focus on tactical issues, of real game. Analytical exercises are also trained,-specific work of the gesture-or interrelated through games, matches or games at one midfield or without goals-. Sign Up now!