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“I want to further grow”

“I want to further grow”

Javi Martinez is sure to ignite the hopes of Qatar SC’s passionate fans as they seek to improve their position in the new season. The much-experienced player spoke to about varied topics in an Exclusive Interview, on the sidelines of the Media Day organised by the Qatar Stars League at the Al Duhail Indoor Hall on Tuesday, as part of preparations for the 2021-2022 season.

- How do you look forward to playing in the QNB Stars League?

It’s going to be a new challenge. A new experience. I’ll be playing in an entirely different league – QNB Stars League – which is unique. I’m excited.

- What’s your take on the new season (2021-2022)?

Honestly, the level of competition in Qatar isn’t known to me. Our training and pre-season overseas camp went off well and we’re just waiting for the competition to start. We’ll give off our best.

- What’re your goals for the new season with Qatar SC?

We’ve to see how the tournament progresses and how our campaign gets off. We’ll always look at the next game and, personally as a player, I want to further grow with my new team.

- How balanced are Qatar SC this season in terms of player composition?

We’ve got a lot of promising youngsters and it’s our responsibility to help grow them and hone their skills further. We, the senior players, should lead the way for the young players.

- You played for nine seasons at leading German club Bayern Munich. How do you rate that experience?

My stint with Bayern was just great. We’ve had lots of achievements and silverware. It was a good unit.

By the way, Qatar isn’t new to me as we were regularly attending Bayern’s annual winter camp in Doha for many seasons. We had found it very effective and productive.

- What was the best moment in your career?

Without a doubt, the FIFA World Cup triumph in 2010 in South Africa has been the best moment in my career. We had a great squad, which won many accolades during that period. I owe that achievement to my family, particularly my parents.

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