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Chechu and Flores

Camiseta de homenaje a Chechu y FloresJavi Martinez surrendered in Lille tribute to the two workers killed by trampling on October 23, 2012 at kilometer 30 of the Pyrenees Highway (A-21), the term Izco Navarre. A vehicle traveling in Jaca direction ran over two employees who were conducting permeability testing of the firm. The workers and the driver of the vehicle died. One of the deceased employees was Xabi Flores, 24, of Villatuerta Ondalán player, team of the Navarre Regional Preferential. The other was Jose Almendros Gomez, 23, who went by the nickname of Chechu.

At the conclusion of the Champions League match of Bayern Munich who won in the court of Lille, Martínez showed his undershirt with the names of the two deceased (Chechu and Flores) and RIP expression while applauding. The player himself published a picture of the shirt on his Twitter profile, attached to a message of support: "Much encouragement to all family and friends of Xabi and Chechu".

Unax from Heart

Apoyo a UnaxUnax Cañibano is a child of Leioa (Vizcaya, Spain) that required surgery at Boston Children's Hospital to continue his life normally. This operation was carried out in September 2012 successfully. The serious ailment that Unax has is Pulmonary Atresia, which has since birth and that made the doctors dictate that he would not reach three years. 

The family has been 8 years fighting with all means for the life of Unax (even had to sell their home to pay for the care he needed), but got a great support from many anonymous citizens, institutions and public figures from music and sports, as in the case of Javi Martinez, who on numerous occasions has shown his support for the cause of Unax through social networks.

The family has established a foundation-Heart-Unax in order to raise funds for Unax to definitely overcome his illness.

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Javi dona una camiseta firmada para la causa de Garikoitz.Javi Martínez has joined from Germany to the wave of solidarity that embraces child from Baracaldo Garikoitz Sanchez, 10, who last year suffered a stroke and needs funds for treatment for a year at a private clinic in Santiago de Compostela.

Bayern's number 8 has sent his team’s German shirt autographed to Garikoitz through Barakaldo CF.